This week Governor Walz and legislative leaders presented joint budget targets. Basically, the joint budget targets show how the Walz and the Minnesota State Legislature will spend the State’s surplus and what the State government will fund once the July 1 fiscal year begins. 

The joint budget targets include $2.21 billion for K-12 education in Minnesota, though legislative resources note that $2.21 billion is not enough and would provide little support to cover the state’s special education cross-subsidy of $1.6 billion and the necessary funding to keep schools operating. . 

The exact details of how that $2.21 billion would be spent remain unknown. 

Typically the governor and legislative leaders do not work together to develop budget targets. Rather the governor, the House, and the Senate typically present their own budget targets and negotiate those numbers until near the end of session. 

There is an important upcoming legislative deadline. By April 4, all committees must have acted “favorably on major appropriation and finance bills,” according to communication from the Minnesota House of Representatives. 

The legislature must adjourn the 2023 regular session by 11:59 p.m. on May 21. 

Just a reminder that you can visit the Minnesota State Legislature weekly calendar to see what’s on the agenda for the various committees and floor sessions each week. Additionally, you can check that schedule each day to figure out what committees are available to be viewed virtually. Finally, the legislature will be in recess from April 4 - April 10.