kenny resident

"Living in SW Minneapolis is a wonderful privilege. And it is generally based on white privilege. We need to be more aware and more inclusive of neighbors (or potential neighbors) who do not feel comfortable, or cannot afford to buy or rent in SW."

lynnhurst resident

"I love the nature and access to parks and relationships with neighbors. I dislike how it sometimes feels exclusionary and disconnected from the reality of the rest of the city."

whittier resident

“I love the people. Artists, immigrants, students, families, activists, cooks, long-time residents, wide-eyed new neighbors, and everything in between. I love the ways in which we organize ourselves and create the systems for which we see a need, whether it's community safety outside policing, mutual aid, or creating new spaces to gather and spend time. I also love the food, art, and music that so many of us create to share with one another.”

Lowry hill east resident

“I love the accessibility to downtown, the lakes, my grocery stores and doctor. I love the variety of people and restaurants. I miss having good places to shop in Uptown. I am sad to see that crime is getting much worse. I hate all the big boxy overpriced apartment buildings that have sucked the personality out of the neighborhood. I love the greenway. I love how so many people want to make Minneapolis a great place to live.”

fulton resident

“I like the connectivity of knowing most of the people on my block. I’m a city person so I like being close to city amenities and being able to walk/bike/take public transit to get around. What I don’t like: the homogeneity of my neighborhood-the lack of racial, income, and other diversity. I supported the zoning changes to allow for more multi family housing and was saddened that so many of my neighbors opposed these changes.”


“I like that it's walk-able and bike-able, and I love being near the lakes. I have friends here that I like, and I like the small businesses (although there seem to be fewer of them all the time). ECCO is a great compromise -- it has all that going for it, but it's still ok to sleep with the windows open in the summer!.”


“I mostly love living in SW Minneapolis. Being near parks, the creek, and Lake Harriet is great. There are a lot of nice, helpful people. The recent crime trends are disturbing. I dislike the airplane noise. I think snow plowing could improve side street conditions in the winter.”


“Absolutely love where I’ve lived for 46 years. Have seen so much growth and density, but this has come with many positive amenities too. I can walk to groceries, drug store and restaurants, and look forward to completion of LRT. With that has come more traffic, both vehicle and pedestrian.”


“I love my block--great neighbors. I don't love teardowns and monster houses. The little loop business district in Linden Hills is an asset, although we lack walkable groceries and pharmacy. I wish we had more racial diversity. We have lakes and parks and fun local events like kite fest, ice shanties, Augtoberfest, farmers markets, music and movies in the parks, sidewalks.”

WINDOM resident

“Oh I love it here! Been in Windom for 8 years and I just love this diverse little corner of the city. I think it’s great that i can walk to a brewery, a bagel shop, 2 taquerias, and a farm to table restaurant so easily! My neighbors don’t all look like me and the houses don’t all look the same, which is excellent. It feels safe and I like the urban vibe with alleys and buses and such, but I still am glad to have a backyard and easy parking.”

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