We believe that we, the residents of Southwest Minneapolis, are capable of telling our own story.

this is minneapolis schools VOICES.

Welcome to Minneapolis Schools Voices, the premier news site for Minneapolis Public Schools families and educators.

Raising kids and teaching them well are among the hardest and most important jobs. Add on top of that staying on top of policies, decisions, and events that affect your school and it’s no wonder parents and educators feel overwhelmed. 

Minneapolis Schools Voices is here to help. We track what’s going on at Minneapolis Public Schools–policy debates, parent association and school board meetings, budget and financial news–and wrap it all up into an accessible, deeply reported and researched weekly email newsletter and website.

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Our Guiding Principles

Our editorial policy applies to all content produced, commissioned, acquired or otherwise obtained by Minneapolis Schools Voices on any and all of its platforms. This policy also guides decision making about what we cover, how we cover news, and the distribution of that content.

#1 – Editorial Independence
We seek funding and support from a variety of sources, including foundations and individual donors. The sources of our funding do not and will not influence what stories we decide to publish, or not publish. Minneapolis Schools Voices is not funded by or associated with Minneapolis Public Schools.

#2 – Strive to Reach Everyone
We seek opportunities to explore issues more deeply and reach people and communities historically underserved by media, ensuring our coverage serves their needs and reflects their experiences.

#3 – Avoid “Us vs. Them” Reporting
When covering conflict, avoid taking sides and being sucked into “us vs. them” coverage. Seek to include third parties, non-elites, and others who are affected by the conflict. 

#4 – Use Accurate, Non-Emotional Language in Headlines and Captions
All reporting, written narrative and headlines should avoid vague, accusatory or emotional language, opting instead for technical, descriptive and accurate terms.In addition to these guidelines, Minneapolis Schools Voices adheres to the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.

#5 – Do No Harm
At its core, news reporting educates, inspires and empowers. Our reporting seeks to do no harm to the community we serve. 

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