There was one very big piece of news out of the Minnesota State Legislature this week. The State Senate voted Tuesday on legislation ensuring universal free breakfast and lunch across Minnesota’s schools. While the bill has already been passed by the House, the Senate’s version of the bill was different and needed a new vote from the House on the Senate bill. The House passed the Senate’s version of universal school meals legislation on Thursday and the Governor signed that legislation in a bill signing ceremony on Friday. 

Aside from universal school meals, there were a few other big discussions this week. 

The Senate Education Finance committee took up Senate File 2552, a bill pertaining to debt service for Minnesota’s school districts, this week 

In the House Education Finance committee, House File 562 was discussed. House File 562 would require that special education teachers have “due process” time built into their work hours. It would also appropriate funding to help districts cover the cost of those due process hours. 

In the House Education Policy committee, House File 2097, requiring specific standards for active shooter drills in Minnesota schools, was discussed. 

Legislative Calendar: March 20 - March 24 

  • On March 21, the House Education Finance committee will take up the READ Act, House File 629. 
  • On March 23, the House Education Finance committee will take up House File 1628, which if passed from the legislature would fully fund the costs to transport homeless and highly-mobile students to Minnesota’s public schools. 

Just a reminder that you can visit the Minnesota State Legislature weekly calendar to see what’s on the agenda for the various committees and floor sessions each week. Additionally, you can check that schedule each day to figure out what committees are available to be viewed virtually. Finally, the legislature will be in recess from April 4 - April 10.